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Integrate your sales channels and all your fulfillment options, then manage them as one centralized system

Manage and
optimize complex
sales and multi-
location fulfillment operations

Maximize margin
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Channel Integrations

Channels include total integrations such as sales channels, inventory locations, fulfillment nodes and systems of record. More channels per plan level are available at an additional cost

4 Channels

10 Channels

30 Channels

Orders per Year

More orders per plan level are available at an additional cost





100+ Sales Channel Integrations

Access to 100+ pre-integrated sales channels

All Major Marketplaces

Sell on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Google and others through 1P or 3P

Specialty Sites

From AbeBooks to Wayfair, Etail integrates with dozens of specialty sales channels

All Major Shopping Cart Platforms

Integrate with Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce and others

International Channels

Etail supports Amazon marketplaces around the world along with Walmart in Canada

1P Retail Sites

Integrate with top retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond

Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) Channels

Support retail accounts or locations through retail and wholesale drop shipping

Retail Locations

Integrate with retail POS systems


Centralized Order Visibility

Manage orders from all your sales channels from a single, centralized system

Order Aggregation

Aggregate orders from all sources to improve production scheduling or meet supplier minimum order requirements or discount levels

Format Flexibility

Accept orders in any format including API, EDI or flat files

Order Lifecycle Management

View and manage detailed order status and fulfillment information across all fulfillment locations

Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Automatically select the best fulfillment option for every item on every order based on cost, location or any other criteria you set


Distributed Inventory Management

Manage all your inventory at all locations including your facilities, 3PLs and retail locations as a single, centralized network

Centralized Inventory Visibility

See inventory sold and remaining at the SKU level across sales channels, in multiple warehouses and all fulfillment locations including FBA and 3PLs, and in-transit

Current System Compatibility

Etail provides inventory visibility across multiple systems of record and works with WMS and ERP systems already in place at trading partners such as suppliers or 3PLs

Real-Time Inventory Publishing

Control available inventory for each channel. Automatically delist when items are unavailable. Automatically relist when inventory is replenished

Kits & Bundles

Merchandise products as kits, bundles, multipacks or in subscription programs while keeping accurate track of component inventory


3PL Fulfillment Network

Access to Etail Distribute. Expand your 1-2 delivery coverage with our network of pre-integrated 3PL partners

FBA & Marketplace Fulfillment

Manage product at Amazon FBA, Walmart WFS and other marketplace fulfillment options as part of your overall fulfillment strategy

Fulfillment Optimization

Automatically split and route orders to optimize fulfillment, reduce cost or use multiple fulfillment methods

Location-Specific Rate Shopping

Auto-compare shipping rates, carriers and service level by location and locally print labels for one or hundreds of shipments

WMS Light D2C Tools

Leverage tools to equip existing warehouse operations for DC2 single parcel picking, packing and shipping

Shipping Software Integration

Integrate with ShipStation, DesktopShipper or use Etail’s native shipping engine

Automated Shipping Notification

Immediately write shipping information to the order record and send shipping and tracking information to the originating sales channel

Wholesale & Retail Order Channels

Process and fulfil orders from wholesale and retail accounts no matter how they are sent — EDI, API or flat files

Cross Docking

Automate just-in-time cross docking with Etail’s Cross Docking Wizard

Drop Shipping

Drop ship products to shoppers on your site or through retail accounts


Automatically select the optimum carton size for each order to reduce shipping costs

Dark Stores & Micro-Fulfillment

Support dark stores and other last-mile fulfillment strategies

Retail Fulfilment Management

Support store-based fulfillment operations including ship from store, ship to store and Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS)


Master Catalog Management

Streamline listing management by controlling inventory at the master SKU level and product data at the listing level. Create a single source of truth for product attributes

Automatic Listing Updates

Automatically adjust inventory published in listings across all channels as products are sold or inventory is replenished

Centralized Listing Management

Centralize listing content in Etail. Automatically publish new listings or updates to sales channels in the format each channel requires

Enhanced Content Tools

Integrate with rich ecommerce content tools like Etilize and UPCitemdb or fitment tools like Fuse5

Item Variation Support

Offer almost unlimited product variations such as color and size while publishing to a single landing page or listing

Restricted Listing Management

Automatically remove listings for products containing contents or ingredients restricted by marketplaces

UPC Auto-Matching

Match your product UPCs to listings on Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Spot unauthorized sellers or obsolete listings

Regional Inventory Publishing

Modify listings shown to shoppers based on regional inventory. Offer 1-2 day shipping only where profitable


Dynamic Pricing Engine

Automatically set pricing shown to marketplace shoppers based on total cost – including cost of fulfillment

Pricing Automation

Automate pricing and repricing using scripting and custom trigger capabilities

Global Pricing Support

Leverage multi-currency and measurement unit conversion for international channels


SKU Consolidation

Streamline inventory and units of measure with a single master SKU. Ensure inventory accuracy across all channels no matter how the products are packaged, merchandised or bundled

Distributed Inventory Forecasting

Finetune forecasting with location-specific velocity data, demand planning tools and dynamic stocking level recommendations with replenishment advice

Non-Fulfillment Demand

Include demand from non-fulfilling locations in demand and velocity analysis and planning


Real-Time Reporting

Review order, sales, cost and profit data by channel, item, SKU, fulfillment location or inventory supplier

Data Export

Export data to Excel, Tableau or other tools for additional analysis or reporting

Advanced SKU Management

Avoid duplication and errors by controlling inventory at the SKU level and product information at the listing level. Ensure a single point of truth for all product information

Absolute Data Integrity

Get data you can depend on. Order information and fulfillment processes are integrated with purchasing, inventory, shipping and tracking systems. No manual data entry or opportunities for human error

Business Insights

Gain deep understanding of your ecommerce business with reports and dashboards on orders, inventory, revenue and profit per order, SKUs and channel

Item Analysis

Understand your business at the SKU level with advanced analysis of demand, ROI, turns by channel and location

Advanced Analytics

Go deep with drill-down data and reporting on SKUs, sales channels, velocity, demand and fulfillment

Custom Dashboard & Report Designer

Design dashboards and reports to fit your specific needs


Automation Engine

Automate and execute workflows in real time with your most current sales channel, supplier and fulfillment location data

Centralized Network Monitoring

Automatically monitor the health of your ecommerce ecosystem. Spot issues and exceptions in real time

Architected to Scale

Support future growth. Etail is architected for multi-threading across multiple CPUs so it can be scaled almost infinitely to support even the largest ecommerce business