Enterprise Drop Shipping (DropShip Solution)


Brands and retailers trust Etail to boost drop shipping scale, efficiency and profitability.

Retailers and brands understand the growing importance of drop shipping as part of their digital commerce strategy. Drop shipping offers retailers bigger assortments and additional margin without the hassle of stocking slower moving or hard to fulfill items. Brands recognize drop shipping’s advantages in providing broader exposure to their entire product line, adding additional online and off-line distribution, and moving excess inventory.

For more than a decade, Etail has been a leader in drop shipping integration and management. Etail clients comprise the top online drop shippers – often ranking in the top ½ of 1 percent of marketplace sellers.

Brand and retailers turn to Etail for the technology, tools and expertise to address the most complex drop shipping fulfillment workflows, order and inventory management challenges, and end-to-end automation opportunities.

Enterprise drop shipping at a glance

Etail offers more than a decade of experience working with the industry’s top drop ship merchants.

Etail is the leader in drop ship automation, which reduces errors, improves customer satisfaction, and boost margins.

Drop shipping is often part of a larger digital commerce strategy. Etail brings all your ecommerce channels, inventory sources, suppliers and tools together into a complete, integrated network that you control from a single platform.

Enterprise drop shipping solutions

For Brands and Manufacturers

Streamline and scale your drop ship retailer operations with advanced integration tools; automated order, inventory and shipping workflows; faster retailer onboarding; and coordination with your other sales channels.

For Retailers and Ecommerce Stores

Improve your drop shipping operation and margins. Automate order and inventory availability. Leverage drop shipping to deliver to shoppers at home, for pick up in store, or for retail stock replenishment.

Solving the integration challenge

Whether you are a brand or retailer, drop shipping often presents integration challenges. Data feeds are the lifeblood of a drop ship operation, but often must be integrated across multiple platforms, data sources and systems of record.

Etail makes integration easy, supporting all drop shipping file and data interchange formats including API, EDI, FTP, XML, CSV, JSON and more. That speeds onboarding and helps you quickly scale your drop shipping program.

Etail also integrates with major marketplaces, retail sites, shopping carts and systems of record already in place so you can easily coordinate your drop shipping program with your total digital commerce strategy and then manage it with Etail’s built-in order, inventory, fulfillment, pricing and data management tools.

Best-in-class drop shipping

Too often, drop shipping programs struggle with manually updating spreadsheets, reconciling offline reporting, and manual order entry to consolidate orders across retailers or suppliers. That wastes time, leads to costly errors, and eliminates opportunities to scale.

Etail automates everything with best-in-class tools for automation, collaboration, and data analysis and reporting.

Aggregate, normalize and place orders. Automatically route orders to the best fulfillment option – your facilities, 3PLs or a retail location. Automate label and shipping documents to support customer or product line branding. Automate inventory updates across all retailers and other channels. Automatically post shipment and tracking information. Automate data collection and leverage real-time dashboards and analytics tools to troubleshoot issues and make data-driven forecasting and replenishment decisions.

With Etail, you can automate all your drop ship workflows, eliminate manual touchpoints, and create a foundation for scalable growth.


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