Distributed Logistics, Inventory, Forecasting Solutions (DLIFS)

Inventory Management Mastered

Maintain accurate, up-to-date inventory visibility across all channels and stocking locations

Online customers demand fast – often “free” delivery – wherever they shop.

Distributed logistics makes it possible – and profitable – by dispersing inventory geographically to multiple fulfillment options ranging from brand-owned DCs and FCs, 3PLs and fulfillment services, FBA, retail locations and other options.

Manage them all with Etail.

Etail provides inventory control and visibility across all your online, retail and wholesale channels; warehouses, 3PLs and other stocking locations; and fulfillment options.

Centralized, normalized data drives accurate forecasting and replenishment strategies. Improve forecasting with consolidated data; by-location fulfillment cost information; and real-time visibility into sales channel seasonality, unusual demand patterns and other sales channel signals.

Etail offers best-in-class tools to manage inventory publishing, listing content and visibility, and pricing – all driven by inventory availability and fulfillment cost. The goal? Get the highest ROI possible from inventory you have available to sell to customers shopping online right now.

Etail inventory management at a glance

Manage inventory across everywhere you sell, everywhere you stock, and across your total ecommerce ecosystem.

Drive accurate forecasting and replenishment strategies with complete visibility to inventory, sales and costs.

Maximize inventory yield and ROI by leveraging real-time inventory availability and cost to modify listings and prices shown to individual shoppers.


Designed for distributed logistics

Etail is the only ecommerce operations management platform purpose built to handle the challenges of distributed logistics. A distributed logistics fulfillment strategy disperses inventory to multiple locations, putting it closer to the customer, cutting delivery time and expense.

The key to success in distributed logistics is managing all your sales channels and all your sources of inventory as a single integrated network. The objective? Cut fulfillment costs. Reduce inventory levels and safety stocks. Boost inventory yield and ROI.

Advanced inventory management

Etail manages inventory across warehouses, distribution centers, 3PLs, suppliers and retail locations, all operating as a single, integrated network to create multiple options for ecommerce fulfillment.

Published inventory levels are automatically adjusted as you sell and replenish inventory. Even individual listings shown to shoppers can be modified based on regional inventory availability so you never take an order you can’t successfully fulfill.

Then Etail leverages regional fulfillment data and powerful Distributed Order Management tools to automatically route orders to the best fulfillment option.

Best-in-class forecasting and replenishment

With Etail, you have complete visibility to inventory; up-to-date, normalized data across everywhere and everything you sell; and powerful tools designed to reveal seasonality, unexpected demand and other trends.

Etail streamlines inventory management and prevents unit-of-measure issues with a single master SKU approach. That ensures inventory accuracy across all channels no matter how products are packaged, kitted or bundled.

The results are actionable, accurate forecasts and replenishment strategies that ensure you have the right inventory, in the right amount, at the right place, at the right time.

“Inventory-aware” ecommerce tool set

Etail is “inventory aware”. Regional inventory availability and fulfillment cost drives listing visibility, content, pricing and promotional offers shown to individual shoppers as they are online.

That ensures you never take an order you can’t profitably fulfill while realizing the highest margin possible from inventory you have available to sell to customers who are online right now.


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