Etail for 3PLs


Onboard clients faster and at lower cost with the Etail digital commmerce integration platform


Connected ecommerce for 3PLs, 4PLs and fulfillment services.

Brands are challenged to expand their D2C ecommerce fulfillment capabilities and are turning to 3PLs and 4PLs for help. But how do you stand out in a cluttered world of logistics options to earn and keep a brand’s ecommerce business?

Etail Solutions allows 3PLs to fully connect with their branded customer’s ecommerce ecosystem. Your 3PL becomes more than just a fulfillment node; it becomes a true partner able to route orders, manage inventory, and coordinate activities with the brand, other 3PLs and fulfillment options, and even retail locations.


Grow your D2C ecommerce business rapidly and without risk.

Integrate Everywhere Your Clients Sell

A flexible, smart integration option for 3PLs and brands

Etail makes it easy to connect your 3PL with everywhere your clients sell. More than 120 existing channel integrations are available ranging from all major marketplaces and shopping cart platforms; to online retailers supporting wholesale drop shipping; to retail POS, enterprise ERP systems and existing WMS and OMS software.

As a 3PL, you can onboard and ramp-up clients quickly without having to absorb or pass on hefty technology integration and testing fees. Plus Etail was purpose-built for digital commerce, not only integrating systems but normalizing disparate data to simplify forecasting, replenishment and analysis.

Best of all, after an initial integration, you only pay for what you use. Etail is billed at a per-order rate with no minimum volume commitment. It’s simple, cost effective and enterprise class.

Etail Distribute 3PL Fulfillment Network

Connect with brands looking for fulfillment partners

After more than a decade of ecommerce leadership, brands know they can turn to Etail for the software, tools and expertise they need to build their D2C fulfillment capabilities.

The Etail Distribute 3PL Fulfillment Network provides brands with access to our network of integrated 3PLs. This is no “black box” program: Brands and 3PLs form their own business relationship. But using Etail as a common technology stack ensures seamless channel integration, order fulfillment and inventory management while speeding time to market.

Contact us today about adding your 3PL to our growing network of fulfillment partners.

Etail Vantage Platform Distribution Partner

Keep your brand in front of clients all day, every day

Create the ultimate connection with your clients by co-branding the Etail Vantage Platform (EVP).

EVP is the industry’s most powerful digital commerce integration platform. EVP connects everywhere your clients sell online with all of their sources of inventory and then manages them as a single, integrated network. Plus EVP offers powerful pricing, listing and analytics tools all designed to help clients realize the most profit possible from the inventory they have available to sell to shoppers online right now.

Co-branding EVP cements your relationship with clients, improves customer retention, and helps elevate your 3PL to becoming a trusted business partner with your brands.


Become your client’s D2C fulfillment partner.


The Etail ecommerce integration platform makes it easy to add new customers, offer them new selling opportunities, and improve your bottom line – all while leveraging the resources you already have in place.

Quickly onboard new clients and connect them to leading shopping carts and sales channels. More channels mean more opportunities to expose inventory to shoppers and turn it faster.

Offer value-added services such kitting, bundles, multi-packs or co-packing.

Automate routine or problematic workflows to reduce errors, cut overhead, increase capacity with existing overhead.


Easily integrate your 3PL into your client’s ecommerce existing supply chain. Become a trusted partner, not a commodity shipper. Then provide all the tools they need so you can grow together.

Connect to customer OMS, IMS, ERP and systems of record – even different systems at multiple locations. Now you are not just a vendor, your 3PL is an integral part of your customer’s ecommerce ecosystem.

Become your customers’ central source of ecommerce order and inventory data for transactional reporting, price management and data-driven decision making.

Provide exceptional customer service and transparency with branded reporting, dashboards and tools.


Etail is not a WMS; we integrate with your WMS to improve your ecommerce capabilities.

Optimize your warehouse, workers and workflows for ecommerce. With Etail, you can automate manual or inefficient processes so you can ship more orders per day without hiring more staff.

Streamline multi-order picking, prep and labeling.

Add specialized tools to optimize single parcel rate shopping and shipping.

Personalize the shopper experience with customer-branded shipping labels and packing slips.

Execute and automate advanced fulfillment strategies such as drop shipping and cross docking.


If you have multiple locations, cross-warehouse planning and real-time visibility are critical. Etail is not only a digital commerce integration platform, it’s also a powerful tool for coordinating your current operations.

Consolidate multiple warehouses within Etail, then access real-time inventory and operations data.

Provide clients with visibility to their inventory across all your facilities.

Automatically route orders to the warehouse with the lowest fulfillment cost.

Benchmark operations across all your facilities.

Automate demand driven replenishment to maintain optimal inventories at each location.

Scale without limits. There is no limit to the number of locations, clients and products that Etail can handle.


Brands are challenged to expand their D2C ecommerce fulfillment capabilities and are turning to 3PLs and 4PLs for help. But how do you stand out in a cluttered world of logistics options to earn and keep a brand’s ecommerce business?

If you are a 3PL, fulfillment service, ecommerce agency or consultant, there’s no better time to become an Etail Solutions partner. The brands and retailers you work with are struggling to pull together solutions to the operational complexities of ecommerce. Help your clients accelerate their digital transformation and help your business with an additional revenue stream and value-added products.

Consider becoming a referral partner and earning a monthly commission on the Etail clients that you have referred to us that close. Along with your platform revenue, you’ll stand out in a crowded ecommerce market by offering new and current clients ecommerce operational management capabilities as part of your product and services portfolio.

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