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Etail is an ecommerce tech stack built
to deliver on customer expectations.

IT is the glue holding your organization’s commerce strategy together.

Marketing and Operations have plans, but they turn to your IT group to make them happen.

Disparate systems – inside and outside the organization – need to be connected and Integrated. Partner and organizational data from a bewildering array of OMS, IMS, PIM, WMS and EDI systems needs to be normalized and leveraged for good use. Priorities are unclear, conflicting or driven by departmental myopia. There are too many projects and too few IT resources to work on them. You’re left to sort it out – and someone is bound to be unhappy with the results.

Unless you’re using Etail.

That’s because Etail is a digital commerce integration platform designed to help you architect, build and manage your ecommerce operations technology stack. It’s powerful. It’s agile. And it’s designed to keep your options open…no matter what your Marketing and Ops colleagues come up with next.


The Challenge:
Connecting disparate systems

Today’s ecommerce ecosystem is complex, involving multiple trading partners such as sales channels, inventory locations, suppliers and retail outlets. Most of these partners have existing infrastructure, software platforms and workflows. Your job: make it all work together seamlessly within your organization and with external business processes.

The Solution:
Platform agnostic architecture

Etail is a digital commerce integration platform designed to connect disparate systems across your organization and with external partners. Etail creates a secure, integrated connection among all members of your ecommerce ecosystem, no matter what OMS, IMS, WMS other software they use; no matter what system of record they have; and across all standard communication protocols.


The Challenge:
Mitigating risk

As your organization’s digital commerce strategy evolves, more third-party vendors and partners are brought in to expand your ecommerce capabilities. Integrating with each one is expensive, time consuming, and makes your success dependent on their technology stack. That puts your business at risk when faced with unexpected demand, changing requirements, or dealing with partners who are falling short of expectations.

The Solution:
Own and control your ecommerce technology stack

Etail is designed to seamlessly integrate other systems into the Etail platform. Because you control Etail, you own your fulfillment technology stack – not your partners, who simply retain control of their localized platforms and tools and can use them with data from the Etail system.


The Challenge:
Planning for success

Many order and inventory management systems are hiding a dirty little secret: they can’t handle high volumes of unexpected demand. That leaves you exposed to seasonal inventory surges, unexpected demand spikes, or just ensuring your system can handle future growth.

The Solution:
Proven scalability

Etail counts among its customers some of the largest online sellers – the top ½ of 1 percent of Amazon merchants. These Etail customers process 10,000s of transactions daily around the globe with millions of pricing transactions an hour. Etail’s unique multi-threaded architecture can be scaled almost infinitely to support the largest ecommerce operation.


The Challenge:
Ensuring data integrity

Your internal and eternal customers, management and stakeholders look to IT to provide accurate, timely data. But ecommerce sales data is often fragmented, sometimes incomplete, and reported in different ways by different channels. And supply chain data often involves collecting data across dozens of partners with disparate OMS, IMS, WMS and ERP systems.

The Solution:
Integrated, normalized data and reporting

Etail is a fully integrated ecommerce platform. Orders, inventory, fulfillment, pricing and costs across all your channels and trading partners are normalized, integrated and automated for absolute data integrity. Etail provides a powerful business analytics engine and reporting tools. Or export data to third-party tools like Tableau for additional analysis. Plus Etail integrations with your ERP or other systems of record to help ensure data consistency across your organization.


The Challenge:
Finding capacity to implement ecommerce initiatives

Business is evolving on so many fronts there is never a shortage of IT projects. What is often in short supply is the IT bandwidth to support all the initiatives requested across all business functions.

The Solution:
IT – “LITE” implementation process

Etail is designed to be implemented without extensive IT involvement. Etail Solution Architects, Implementation Managers and Implementation Teams are experts in implementing Etail without stressing out your organization. Some IT involvement is needed; it’s difficult to say how much without knowing the details of your project. But most IT leaders are surprised by how few IT hours are required for a successful Etail implementation and roll out.


The Challenge:
Providing platform support

IT pros know something business and supply chain leaders sometimes forget: once a platform is implemented, it will need to be supported on a day-to-day basis. Who troubleshoots the software when things don’t go as expected?

The Solution:
Dedicated customer success team

There is nothing basic about Etail’s base level of technical support, included with every installation.  Our customer support and technical specialists pride themselves on – and are evaluated by – their responsiveness, knowledge of your business and focus on results.  You’ll know your customer success manager by name. They’ll have been on your project since day one. And expert help is just an email or phone call away.


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