3PL Fulfillment Network (FNaaS)


Creating partnerships to deliver on tough consumer delivery expectations

Ecommerce consumers have high expectations for 1-2 day delivery

Can you meet them?

If you are a 3PL, Etail can introduce you to brands looking for your services.

If you are a brand, Etail can connect you with 3PLs proven to be capable of helping you grow your D2C, single parcel fulfillment capabilities.

Etail Solutions offers Etail Distribute, a nationwide network of pre-integrated 3PLs to make 1-and-2 day delivery easy and affordable for brands, manufacturers and online retailers. Etail’s 3PL networking technology streamlines order, inventory and fulfillment management – working with the systems you already have in place. Plus, our flexible business model keeps you in charge of your business relationship and fulfillment technology stack.

Etail Distribute 3PL Fulfillment Network at a glance

Etail connects 3PLs with D2C fulfillment capabilities with brands looking for fulfillment partners..

3PLs are pre-integrated with Etail and major sales channels. Get up and taking orders quickly.

Etail makes the introduction, you maintain and control the business relationship..

Etail’s 3PL Fulfillment Network connects 3PLs and
brands to boost 1 & 2 day delivery capabilities.

Etail fulfillment partner program for 3PLs

The Etail 3PL fulfillment partner program does more than just connect your 3PL with brands looking for D2C fulfillment partners. Etail is an ecommerce integration platform designed to help 3PLs provide products and services their competition can’t match.

Quickly onboard and integrate new clients. Easily connect them to new sales channels with Etail’s 90+ channel integrations. Seamlessly integrate client online stores powered by Shopify, Magento or other platforms with the rest of your client’s fulfillment strategy. Reduce fulfillment costs by automatically routing orders to the lowest cost source of inventory. Partner with other 3PLs to expand coverage for your clients.

Etail is designed to work with the WMS, OMS, ERP or other systems you or your clients already have in place.

While Etail will make the introduction, you negotiate and maintain the client relationship. There’s no risk and no minimum order quantities. You only play for what you process through the Etail platform.

Etail Distribute 3PL fulfillment network for brands

Etail’s distributed network of 3PL partners makes it easy for you to position your products close to your customers and offer 1-2 day delivery speeds.

Plus, adding 3PLs to your fulfillment strategy has other advantages. Ecommerce fulfillment can be complex, but Etail’s 3PL partners are masters at it, which frees up your resources to focus on growing the business. 3PLs also offer a proven way to handle seasonality, meet growing customer demands, or address challenges created by unexpected changes in FBA or other marketplace fulfillment services.

Etail’s cloud-based integration platform makes it easy to seamlessly integrate your 3PL partners with your other inventory, order and data streams. And Etail 3PL network partners are pre-integrated with the Etail platform – cutting ramp-up time and cost. Best of all, this is no “black box” network. Etail makes the introductions, but you select, negotiate terms and manage your relationship with the 3PLs in your network.

Connect with our expertise

For more than a decade, Etail Solutions has worked with brands, online retailers and 3PLs of all sizes and complexities. Our ecommerce integration platform is purpose-built to solve tough ecommerce order, inventory and fulfillment management challenges at scale. The Etail platform is known for its high degree of integration, automation and scalability. Many of our clients are Top 100 sellers, managing millions of SKUs, transactions and pricing events every day.

Working with Etail ensures that you have access to industry leading ecommerce expertise, experienced solutions architects, and skilled supply chain professionals. Ongoing help, advice and support is just a phone call or email away.

Whether you are a brand or a 3PL, the Etail team can handle the technology you need to fulfill orders wherever, however and whenever consumers shop online.


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